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Happy Tails


Congrats to Ashley, Sheldon's new mommy! We wish you the best!



Congrats to Krystle, Sherbert's new momma. He will be a great addition to her house hold. He will be one spoiled boy! :)



Congrats to BELLA's new daddy! Bella is now spending her days going to work with her new dad in a retirement home where she visits with the people who live there! She makes their day and loves her new "job."


Bella making someone smile!




Congrats to RUSTY's new family!! We thank you for taking in this senior boy. He truly deserved a good home to spend the rest of his years!


CONGRATS TO TRACEY'S NEW FAMILY!!! We thank you so much for giving this girl a new home.
Congrats to SUGAR's new mommy. We know that Sugar will spend the rest of her life getting the love and attention she DESERVES!
Sugar is a purebred female Carin Terrier. She is 9 years old. Poor Sugar (formerly named "booger") was dumped by her family to fend for herself. Her family was getting a divorce so they abandoned her in a parking lot. When SOAR picked her up she was so dirty and covered in ticks. Tracy gave her a good bath and groom--and she looks 100% better. Despite all of that, she is very forgiving and is doing well in her foster home. She gets along with the dogs and cats in her foster home. She is still a little timid--not knowing why her family just abandoned her after 9 years. But with time, she will adjust and be a happy little girl!! More information to come soon....
My Adoption Fee is $150.00
Sugar in her new Home:
Congrats to Zach, Curly's new dad! Curly will never have to worry about being chained again! He lives alone with just his dad and they are two peas in a pod! Curly spends his weekends going hiking in Red River Gorge and spending time with his poodle girlfirends (pictured below)!
Congrats to the new daddy of Harley and Haley! We were so happy to see these two dogs get adopted together. They are living the good life!
Congrats to the new family of sweet Avery!
Avery in her new home! (Learning some new tricks!!)
Averydog (Avery at the time of being rescued!)

Congrats to Gus's foster family who adopted GUS. He is going to live a long happy life with his new family!



Meet Twiggy! She is a very small female Terrier mix. As seen in the above picture, Twiggy did not have the best life before she was rescued by SOAR. She likes to play outside if someone is with her. Tiggy is interested in the cat but does not chase him, and she also gets along with the other dogs. She is starting to play with them but they are BIG so they intimidate her when they get rough. She is totally housetrained and crate trained. She likes to sit in your lap or the back of the couch. Twiggy would be best suited in a home without young children. Twiggy needs a patient human who will give her the time and attention she deserves. She hopes that she can find a home like this for the holidays!
My Adoption Fee is $150.00


img_5705 - copy

After waiting patiently for his forever home, Toby has found the perfect home with a retired couple. In his new home he has a huge fenced in yard to explore around in and play in.  He has hit the jackpot! He will live the rest of his days INSIDE and HAPPY! Hello, my name is Toby. I am a sweet boy who came into the shelter with a chain around my neck last November. I spent a long time in the shelter without a home to show for it. I am now in the great care of SOAR where I hope to find my forever home soon! I love to go on walks, get attention, and play with toys! I am great with my foster's four dogs and I do great with my foster's four year old son. I am an absolute love and I enjoy being with my foster family. I am an older dog, however I have plenty of energy despite my age. I weigh just under 30lbs. I am neutered and I am completely up to date on my shots. I am microchipped. I hope that you are the family I have been waiting for!



After being in her foster home for almost a year now, Lucy's foster parents have decided to adopt her into their home where she is truly happy!! Meet Lucy she is a 1 1/2 year old female Bocer mix and is a real sweetheart. She is energetic and loves to play with her doggy foster brother and sister and is very cuddly and wants to be where her people are. She spends most of her free time playing with toys and loving her foster family. She is interested in her foster's kitty but is not aggressive towards it. She knows basic commands including sit and come, but her foster parents are working on more! She is completely house trained and crate trained. Lucy is so sweet and gets very happy to see her foster parents. She sometimes gets a little excited and jumps up, but she is working to be more polite every day! Her foster parents say you cant resist her loving personality and her precious puppy face! They hope that you will as much as they do!

Ringo--Now ROWDY!

Ringo, now Rowdy has found out what the good life is! He now lives in a home with another sibling to play with! He is spoiled rotten and his foster mom is completely smitten by him! See the picture of him in his new home, greeting his mom at the door! Meet RINGO--Ringo was living at the end of a chain with a huge padlock around his neck (seen in the picture in front of the barrel)....SOAR was able to fit him with an appropriate collar, but his family would not allow SOAR to take him into their care. On May 16, SOAR received a call from Ringo's owners--they were moving and needed to find Ringo a new home. On MAY 17 RINGO was officially freed from his chain. He is such a good boy and a fast learner. He loves to play and has an especially cute growl to show his appreciation of your attention. He really wants to play with the cat (good luck to him) and is like an old pal to our 3yr. old doberman. His coat is beautiful and when ...the spots on his tail and ears heal from the fly bites...you will never know the torture that he was facing as a chained dog. This sweet boy is holding no grudges and just can't wait to find his forever home!



Hi! I'm Abbey a Boston Terrier/Jack Russell Terrier mix. I’m not only adorable on the outside with one black spot on my side and two black spots on my eyes, but on the inside too. I am 18 months old and a small #18 lbs. My hobbies are going for walks, getting belly rubs, getting treats, and going for rides in the car with my person. Oh, and curling up in bed with you! I am crate trained and housebroken. I  will let you know when I want out of the crate with a squeal. I do not chew or dig and I'm very good in the house. I loves being close to my person and I am used to being around other dogs, cats, and people. I am very calm, not hyper like some terriers. I was not a chained dog but my former owner had too many dogs and kids in a small trailer and not enough time for me. I have a lot of livin' to do and would like to have a human that will give me the attention I deserve. Are you that special someone? I am spayed, up to date on shots, and micro chipped. My Adoption Fee is $150

Well, hey there all! Do you remember the RCA commercial that had the Picture Perfect White and black spotted dog? Well, get a load of me! We could be twins! I’m Lexie, a 12# terrier mix of something that was given up by a loving family that wanted me to have a better life. After living for 5 years with 3 young teens, mom and dad who both worked and 3 other dogs in a single wide trailer, I thought I was going to be squished or ran over. This has left me shy, skittish, and scared of quick movements, so a home with no small children, quiet and no cats would be best. Lexie is Greek in origin meaning the defender and I’m true to my name. I bond tightly to my person and I will protect them as I see fit! I sleep quietly in a kennel, but would rather curl up with you in bed, get along with all sizes of dogs, just love to be walked and absolutely know what a couch is for! I’ve also not had an accidents so I’m crossing my paws that this continues! Since coming into foster care, thought shy, I have shown the sparkle in my eye side and with the wind in my face, I explore place to place with sheer joy of having some space. I’ve got big soulful eyes, funny ears and a heart ready to open wide! Better get your applications in quick as Lexie is one in a million!


Sam Sam the Soul Man, Sniffing, Snorting Nose Man??? Hey there, I'm Sam or you can call me Sammy! Either way I'm a fun loving boy that may have some Jack Russell in me, but I do have Beagle in me for sure! I'm not hyped or a wild child at all, in fact I only travel as fast as my nose will allow me to sniff EVERY INCH of the ground in front of me! At 6-7 years old and a solid 30#, I had been chained up for 6 years with little to explore. I'm now making up for time lost putting my nose to the ground with a smile on my face. I love to sniff around outside but once inside, I'm Sammy the Smootcher! I just love to snuggle, play tug of war or if allowed, crawl up on the pillows on the couch. My foster mom finally put the blanket on the stack of throw cushions up high on the couch as I must have a soft high spot to curl up, if not your lap! I had been known as a Digger Outer in the past as I'd dig out of even the best fenced in yard. Well, no more. Oh, don't get me wrong, I still will dig occasionally if a mole hole looks inviting or if needing to hide my toys, but not to get out. I get along great with kids, cats and other dogs. I am totally house trained and sleep well in a crate but prefer your bed. I do snuggle down in the blankets, coming up for Fresh Air then burrowing back in for a few more hours curled up next to you. I enjoy a good lick of peanut butter or cool whip (ask my foster mom about that one) and will wait my turn patiently. I'm Sammy, a boy that will steal your heart! Sammy is neutered, vaccinated, heartworm-negative, and micro-chipped. He is in good health. I am more than ready for my forever home as I have been going through foster home after foster home for two years, and have been returned two times, none of which was my fault....just a family who didnt have time for me...I cant wait for the day the right person comes around and I wont have to worry about changing homes anymore. His adoption fee is $150

I'm Buddy, the Border Collie Mix. I'm very smart just like your typical Border Collie and have all the same traits. I love to herd, people, horses, doesn't matter to me. I can catch mice and I love swimming in the pond, no matter how yukky it is. I was bought for my human brother two years ago, but now he is more interested in his X-Box than me so my dad wants me to find a home where I'll get the attention I deserve. I love other dogs and would enjoy a playmate. I will chase cats, just for fun. I need a home that is active or I will become bored. I would love to jog with you, hike or do agility..

I'm up to dates on my shots, neutered, housetrained and ready to meet you!

My adoption fee is $150.00

Hello, my name is Daisy. I am a 8 month old Brindle Pit Bull Terrier. I am considered a Busy Bee and would love to have an active family to care for my needs! I was a chained dog and you can see the raw spots around my neck from where I was tied up. I am spayed, microchipped, and up to date on all of my shots. Now all I need is a loving home where I can live chain free!


AJ was one of the dogs that was rescued from a hoarding situation. He lived in horrible conditions with mud and garbage all around his dog house. The whole time we were at the house he stood on top of his dog house wagging his tail. It is amazing how dogs have such a good spirit despite what they go through. AJ is a great example of this. He is such a happy go-lucky dog. He is grateful for all that he has. AJ is a gentle giant who walks like Scooby Doo, (long legs, big feet). At 5 years young he is still young enough to play and chew. He was near death with heartworms and malnourished when we got him but he has made a remarkable comeback in just a few weeks.  He had HW treatment on Nov. 18 and is being crated (which he loves) and returns to the vet on Dec. 18.  He loves to eat and is picking up weight, about 65#, and has a nice shiny coat.  Although he’s large, he’s submissive to the smaller dogs he is being fostered with and submissive to people.  A.J. is becoming more active and playful and is being taught house manners and how to greet people. He is living around several cats and is curious and smells of them. He is not destructive but he is playful and will pick up a shoe or something and take it to his crate. He’s also has a big stuffed dog for weeks in his crate which he chews on and sleeps on. He is very good in the house and eager to learn and please his foster mommy. He is a great companion and only barks at strange happenings. He would be easily trained and responds to commands. He has never had an accident in the house and after being shown only once, will go to his spot to potty. AJ was adopted by his foster family, they couldnt see their family being complete without him!

Ranger was discovered living in an old abandoned house along with two other dogs. They were so frightened they had to be trapped by animal control. The person who discovered the dogs couldn’t rest until all three were safe in foster homes. Ranger (named after the masked Lone Ranger) has the most striking face. His shiny black coat is sleek and he enjoys the affection he is now getting in his foster home. Ranger’s foster dad has been socializing him and working on basic obedience training with him and he is coming out of his shell and is now able to act like a dog. He can speak on command and toll over especially at meal time. He likes to play fetch and is learning to get along with the other dogs in his foster home. He has also learned to enjoy hiking and exploring nature. Although he feels very comfortable in the security of his foster home, he still experiences some fear in other environments but is making progress. Ranger is a bout 2 years old. We are happy to report that Ranger has been adopted by his foster dad who has done such great work helping his turn around and become a dog again!

After 6 years tied to a dog house, thanks to SOAR I have been freed of my chain! My former owners bought me at a flea market in Georgetown in 2002. At first they let me run free in the back yard but when I got older and started getting bored I learned how to dig and jump out of my fence. So instead of my mommy and daddy bringing me inside they tied me to this awful chain and I could no longer run around the yard. After some convincing by SOAR my owners decided that a life free of my chain would be better for me. I went to the vet and was all taken care of. I am now living happily inside my foster home who has decided to make me part of their family forever. I love to play ball, I like dogs and I don’t mind cats. And I am a big cuddly bear……all 130lbs of me!!!

Hey Buster, what's up? Well, I'll tell you what's up.. I'm Buster, a Fun Loving, let's have a good time, petite little boy that will look like a puppy for life. Yes, I'm a 7-8 month old Yellow Lab mix that weighs a mere 20# DRIPPING WET and expected to be 25# once fully grown! So that makes me a Mini Lab! Not sure what I'm mixed with, but my temperament is ALL LAB ready to run, energy abounding, tail a wagging with a gentle paw, gum you like bite and soft soul personality. I love to rumble with any dog that will wrestle, but I give and take equally just enjoying the game. I do follow you around so am considered a Constant Companion just looking to hang by your side. If not following you, I'll tag along with a 4-legged buddy as I do need to learn the ropes from someone more experienced. Having been bought at a pet store, my owner didnt' know what to expect and now has decided to give me a better chance at life. I still have a lot of learning to do. Though already crate trained, I walk fairly well on a leash, but have not had much time off a leash until recently, so the Come command is still a little foreign. I'm learning to sit and do sleep well in a crate in your bedroom with only a whimper to let you know I'd rather be with you in bed. The potty outside routine is new to me, but I'm working hard to master this new skill. I snuggle on your lap, look at you with my BIG BROWN EYES and I'll melt your heart. With one soft paw I say I'll be yours forever if given a chance. So contact my rescue and come let's meet. Ready to run like the wind or cuddle on your lap, Buster will win you over with a soft Wet Willy!

We are happy to report that SYSCO has been adopted into a wonderful loving home!! He is even getting along and living with some new siblings! Sysco was freed on August 29,2009 from a horrible life secured to a tree with a heavy chain with not even so much as a dog house to protect him…just dirt or mud for his bed. He was sick and wormy but NO heartworms! He was vetted and treated for the horrible wound on his neck. But oh, does he feel better! He weighs 60-65 pounds. We were told he was 11 years old when he was rescued, but we can believe it because he is so playful, his teeth are in great condition, and his eyes are clear. Estimates of his age by veterinarians and professional dog trainers have ranged from about 3 o 11 years “young”. After spending all those years chained to a tree he is making unbelievable progress! He is attending obedience class and learning basic commands such as sit, down and come, and can walk on a leash. Regardless of his actual “biological age” he is a puppy in his new life of being a regular dog and now romps and plays and has a typical Labrador Retriever personality. He is learning to get along with other dogs in his foster home, but he mostly craves human attention.

My name is Molly and I am a 9 month old Black Labrador Retriever Mix. She is a very outgoing bundle of energy!! SOAR made every effort for my family to keep me inside. They spayed me, vaccinated me, and microchipped me. So my family brought me inside and house trained me. Unfortunatly my family is having financial issues and they are unable to keep me. SOAR has taken me into foster care where I am awaiting my forever home! I am great with children, cats, and other dogs. I am so happy to be living chain free but it would be even better if I had a forever home!

Hello my name is Beau. I am a black shepherd mix that was living chained in Georgetown, KY. My daddy knew that he wasnt giving me the life I deserved living on the end of a chain and contacted SOAR. When the folks from SOAR came to visit me I was so EXCITED!!! I could hardly contain myself! They left me with some straw, food, and a nuckle bone and promised they would be back to get me off my chain. SOAR kept their promise and I am now living in my new home...CHAIN FREE!!

SOAR was involved in a case involving a hoarder in Bourbon County. There were about 20 dogs on the property. All of the dogs outside were chained or penned. They were living in horrible conditions. The owner was a 75 year old man. He had lived there all of his life and he didnt want to surrender the dogs. So we called ACO and they decided to confiscate the dogs. We helped assist them in rescing the dogs. Some of the dogs that were inside of the house had NEVER been outside in their whole life and were terrified. All the dogs were friendly except for a few that had little to no human contact. Some of the dogs went to P.A.W.S in Bourbon County and a few are still waiting to find their forever homes. All of the puppies and Brindle the mom went to Woodford County. All of the puppies have been adopted but Brindle is still awaiting her forever home also. We took in two dogs. One was Junior. He along with most of the other dogs were infected with Heartworm. All of the dogs were treated including Junior. Sadly Junior crossed over the rainbow bridge 11-12-09 due to Heartworms. Our other foster is AJ who you can visit on our adoptable dogs page. He is the sweetest dog and appreciates the new live he has been given!

Junior had me from hello. I'll never forget the day we rescued him from that awful house. He was chained to a tree, with tail wagging. He had no idea life for him was about to change (I thought) for the better. He originally went to Woodford Humane Society, where he got his heartworm treatment. Shortly after, we took him into our foster care. His foster dad only had him for 10 short days before he took a turn for the worse on Tuesday and he passed away during the night last night at the vet. The only thing that makes this easier is that he at least had a week in a loving foster home and didn't die in that nasty mess he was rescued from. RIP Junior.

Can you believe that anyone would neglect me? Personally I think I am too cute and friendly to ignore. When I first came to my foster home, I was extremely matted from head to toe and had to be shaved at the groomer's. Later my foster parent found out that I had a broken hip for about 4-6 months. Thanks to the generous people who donated money for my surgery I am now fully recovered. I am a wonderful dog, with a very friendly temperament. I have been spayed and vetted. My breed is called labradoodle, and I was born in April 2008.

I have been adopted by a loving person in Georgetown!!

Bo was found as a puppy, but at 6 months old owners decided that he was too big for the house. He had been living at the end of his chain way in the very back of the yard for 7 1/2 years before SOAR came and rescued him. Bo was taken in by a wonderful rescue and he was flown in a private jet to his destination. We hope now that Bo can learn how a dog should really live.

Lady is a Boxer who was living chained in Georgetown, Kentucky when SOAR volunteers rescued her last month. Lady is now living the life all dogs should with a wonderful family in Louisville. The first photo shows Lady thin and all alone, and the second shows Lady, dreamy with her new BFF, Chewy.