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Past News

May 7th, 2012--CURLY is FREE from his chain in WINCHESTER!

Wow has SOAR been busy. So busy, I’m way overdue with updates!!

As you know, SOAR appeared before the Winchester city commission two weeks ago to get them to take action on all the chained and neglected dogs we see there. We presented a telling power point and hoped they would be moved to want to stop the abuse in their community. Well, they deferred us to the county, when the dogs we showed are in the city. It has taken quite a while to get answers about whether animal control would cover the city should a chaining law be passed. It appears the answer is YES! So, we will be requesting to be put back on the city commission’s agenda for them to take this matter up.

WINCHESTER RESIDENTS: This is where you come in.. YOU must call and email your commissioners and Mayor. You live there, you VOTE. We are outsiders who really don’t matter to them. We can only present our case. Without you doing your part, things will not change in Winchester. With all the emails I receive about neglected dogs from residents there, you have to tell your elected officials too. I will tell you, everyone of them is up for re-election, and your voices WILL  matter.

CURLY is just one of the many chained and neglected dogs in Winchester that needed a law that would have protected him from a life of neglect.

But, thank goodness, two weeks ago, his owner surrendered him. Read his heartwarming story below:

SOAR received a call about a chained poodle over a year ago. So, we went to check it out. What we found was a pitiful, matted, freezing little poodle with no food, frozen water, and no straw to help him keep even a tad warm. We spoke to the owner and of course we heard the same lame excuses we always do as to why he was not living inside. I offered at the time to take him but was refused. Curly was put out on his chain at six months old. He continued to live chained for five and a half years until he was given to a neighbor and through the channels he was taken in by SOAR.

First he came to my house for a grooming. Once he was transformed, he went into foster care where he is living the good life inside with other dogs and a big fenced yard to run and play in. I believe Curly is the first chained dog we have rescued that did not even know his name. On a leash he paces back and forth as if still chained. His former owner said he was given a toy once and he chewed it up so he never gave him anymore. Curly has toys now! He was never vaccinated either.

Curly is now fully vetted: Neutered, shots, heartworm negative and microchipped. He had hot spots from fleas and matts, a double ear infection and he had to have a dental. He is a happy little fella now. And he is just waiting for that special someone who will show him the love and attention he never had.




February 26, 2011- Thank you to our fence building volunteers, Athena is now chain free! See Pictures below:

athena looking over to see how her fence isa coming along 2-26-11 frankfort athenas place looking good 2-26-11 benji  athena checking out the situation 2-26-11 frankfort the ladies working hard 2-26-11 frankfort
thresa  mark working hard 2-26-11 volunteers measuring for athenas new fence 2-26-11 frankfort





Saturday February 19, 2011 - Tracy Miller, President and founder of SOAR, will be presented the Award for Exellence, by Louisville based "Pets Group United." Tracy will be given the Trooper Award recognizing a person who has volunteered his/her time and been instrumental in improving and saving the lives of animals in the Kentucky area. Congratulations Tracy!





SOAR volunteers Laura and Spencer recently visited a dog we adopted out about 8 months ago. Many may remember a sweet dog we had in our foster care named Sugar. Many of us wanted to keep this dog for ourselves. After about 6 months in foster care Sugar finally got a great application from Petsmart. We knew from the beginning that this was going to be Sugar's new home. And by looking at the pictures you can see that she is more than happy where she is. She was so excited and clearly remembered the volunteers as they were the ones who fostered her. They went outside in the back yard so that Sugar could "spin" what her mom calls it when she spins circles around the back yard as fast as she can. There is a chair in the living room that is Sugar's chair where she sleeps during the day with one of her daddy's shirts. They say she is a stinker but they love her and couldnt imagine life without her. We are so happy for her. This is what keeps us all going.....seeing such a success.